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Eviction Notice Template UK

Evict a Tenant by Laura Khan

by Laura Khan

Having worked within the property industry for over ten years I have amassed a wealth of knowledge and experience in the field and understand the absolute importance if prioritising customer need.

Landlords have a clear entitlement to recover their rental dwelling back from their tenants under the often quoted Housing Act of 1988; but by and large private tenants can only be requested to vacate a rented property providing their landlord adheres to the correct legal process. This process typically starts with a legal notice being served on a tenant stating that the landlord requires them to give up residence of the rental dwelling. The next few paragraphs explain what information should be included in an eviction notice template UK.

Essential Information in an UK Eviction Notice

Contingent on the contents of the tenancy agreement, the things that must be present in an eviction notice can differ quite a bit. The details that are normally essential are:

  • Tenant name and address
  • Landlord or agent, name and address
  • The date that the tenant must move out by
  • The grounds the landlord wants to remove the tenant on (when section 8 of the Housing Act is being cited)
  • Details relating to where a tenant may go to for guidance and help. When a tenant can be served notice, is reliant on the reason the landlord is asking their tenant to leave, as well as the kind of tenancy agreed. For example, if a tenant possesses a fixed tenancy term over a set period of say six months, then the landlord can only serve the tenant notice within the fixed term as follows;
  • A.) The landlord can demonstrate a legal ground for possession, or;
  • B.) The notice will not expire until after the agreed term has concluded

If a tenant has a statutory periodic tenancy that is running either weekly or monthly, then the landlord can give a tenant notice at any time providing the notice stipulates the correct tenancy period and contains any other particulars that are required by housing law.

For all tenancies, a tenant must have been given the eviction notice for two months or more. The notice would generally be dated to run out on the concluding date in a rental payment period, apart from when the notice is issued during the last couple of months within the fixed term, when the notice can then be served at the end, in the middle or even at the beginning of the fixed term.

Eviction Notice Template UK

Many repossession applications made citing the Housing Act are turned down as a result of an inaccurately written eviction notice template UK. This means that repossession could be hindered; hence it is essential to fill this in correctly. Plus landlords should produce no less than three spares of the served notice; one for themselves, one for the courts and one for each tenant.

To close, as a landlord it is very sensible to take advantage of any available formatted eviction notice template UK to ensure that the notice format is worded right, that no details have been neglected or any information left out; and is hence enforceable. Furthermore it is prudent to mail all eviction notices by recorded delivery so that a tenant may not later claim that they did not receive it.


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