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Evict a Tenant by Laura Khan

by Laura Khan

Having worked within the property industry for over ten years I have amassed a wealth of knowledge and experience in the field and understand the absolute importance if prioritising customer need.

Onlet - The Leading Online Letting Agency

Whether you are a prospective tenant or landlord, the key to finding the best letting service online is to find an agency that offers efficiency and effectiveness, delivered politely ad with a smile! That is exactly what we do at Onlet.

As a leading online letting agency, we understand how to manage, market and maintain properties to achieve
maximum occupancy rates. Providing a fast and efficient service to tenants and landlords, ensuring
satisfied customers who are happy to work with us.

About Us

Having worked within the traditional high street lettings industry for over ten years, Onlet was born from a need to provide more.

Gone are the days when letting agents sit in expensive locations on the high street scooping up passing trade. Here at Onlet we let our reputation speak for itself, which is why so many of our customers come back to us again and again.

Our service is simple and our objectives are clear. We want to be the number one online letting agency for each of our customers with a service that is second to none. Just look at our reviews to see that this is what we do!
If you would like to be one of our happy customers,
give us a call.

Cost Efficiency and Outstanding Performance

Here at Onlet, we strive to achieve maximum client satisfaction by doing everything that we can to help. Whether you are a tenant or a landlord, our expertise, speed and efficiency means we are second to none.

Using our online services means that you can enjoy the best letting agency rates combined with the highest level of service.

In providing our wealth of letting experience from a web based platform we can offer a full and efficient letting service to landlords and tenants across the country whilst keeping our overheads low and our staff motivated.

This means we can provide the highly professional service you expect, but at a price you wouldn't.

Why You Should Choose Onlet

Incredible Customer Satisfaction - The number one reason why anyone should choose Onlet is the level of satisfaction you will achieve when you do. From first time tenants through to established landlords, we have the dedication and know how to ensure you receive a first class service each and every time.

Outstanding Experience - Our highly skilled team ensure that we get the job done, on time, every time. From property lettings specialists to marketing experts, Onlet has the knowledge and skills to ensure every property reaches its maximum potential.

Exceptional Value - Onlet is no fly by night operation. We are a well-established, formidable letting agency with a proven track record. Because we don't have showy offices full of big wooden desks, expensive display's and coffee machines, we are able to make incredible savings on our overheads and pass more of those discounts on to you and still offer a first class service.

Incomparable Dedication - Here at Onlet we have a passion for lettings which is visible in everything we do. From exceptional focus on promotion of properties, to the enthusiasm we put in to ensuring every detail of a letting agreement is complete. Our dedication to our work and our commitment to providing the best service makes us the best choice for all landlords and tenants.

Outstanding Adaptability - The methods that people use to find properties to rent is changing and it is changing fast. In today's market, prospective tenants want refined and targeted information delivered to them in an instant so that they can make a decision straightaway. While landlords want a fast and efficient service that is not going to eat away at their profit margins.

Forward Focus - Progression from online lettings using a computer through to apps on smartphones means the target market for lettings agencies is constantly moving, but with our speed and initiative we can move with it, beating traditional high street agents hands down.

Already we have developed our own mobile App that allows you
to take photos, upload them along with your details and send
them to us for immediate listing. It couldn't be simpler. Just
follow the links at the bottom of the page and see for
yourself. ------

Exceptional Skills

Investing in property can be a challenge and a risk. Though the rewards can be immense, occupancy gaps, increasing fees and unreliable tenants can take the shine off of what is an incredible opportunity for substantial rewards. Here at Onlet, we aim to put the light back in to your day, doing all the hard work for you, so that you can sit back and enjoy the rewards.

From placing a listing, introducing you to tenants or fully managing your property, put your trust in to Onlet.

Our Commitment to Landlords

Investing in property can be a challenge and a risk. Though the rewards can be immense, occupancy gaps, increasing fees and unreliable tenants can take the shine off of what is an incredible opportunity for substantial rewards. Here at Onlet, we aim to put the light back in to your day, doing all the hard work for you, so that you can sit back and enjoy the rewards.

From placing a listing, introducing you to tenants or fully managing your property, put your trust in to Onlet.

Landlord Packages

Our four standard 'Landlord Packages' provide the basis for any high quality letting agreement. You can then choose from our range of 'Add-on Services' to ensure your final offering is tailored to your exact specifications.

Advertise It

When all you want is outstanding marketing expertise to ensure your property is let in the shortest possible time, our 'Advertise It' package is the one for you.

You will gain the full services of our highly skilled team of Property Listing Advisors who will ensure that your property appears on the most prominent websites to achieve the greatest level of success.

Using our website advertising skills, we will ensure your property is featured on national distribution sites such as Zoopla and Rightmove, so that you get maximum exposure in the shortest possible time.

If you need assistance with tenancy agreements, energy performance certificates, photographs or floorplans, then all you have to do is ask. We give you as much support as you need to make sure your property is let quickly, easily and at a very affordable price.

let It

If you haven't got the time to be dealing with all the finer details of letting a property then why not let Onlet do it for you. Our 'Let It' Service means that you will get all the benefits of the 'Advertise It' service, but with so much more as well.

Dedicated staff will not only encourage tenants through the door, but they won't stop until that honest and reliable tenant has signed on the dotted line and paid their first month's rent and deposit.

Everything from references and portfolio paperwork through to setting up the monthly standing order for rent will be taken care of with the expertise and efficiency you can only expect from Onlet.

Guarantee It

Take away the worry of property letting in an instant by signing up to the 'Guarantee It' package. This flagship offering provides every service you could possibly want from our 'Let It' package but with added stability built in.

In fact, we are so confident that we can find the right tenants for you, that if they don't pay their rent, then we will. Yes, our Guarantee It service shows that Onlet are willing to put our own profits on the line, to show you how confident we are that we can provide reliable and genuine tenants from the best online lettings service in the market today.

Manage It

For a traditional letting service at a more competitive rate, our 'Manage It' package is designed to take the stress and strain out of being a landlord. This package gives you all the benefits of the buy to let market, with none of the hassles, giving you more time to enjoy life again.

What's more, with the 'Manage It' package, we operate on a 'No Let, No Fee' basis. So if your property is not occupied, you are not going to pay us a penny.

Can't Find What You are Looking For?

If you want a totally bespoke online lettings service then simply 'Register' with us today and select from our wealth of the individual services to create an offering specific to your own needs.

We will provide you with your very own 'Client Dashboard' which means that you stay in full control whilst only paying for the services you really want:

Energy Performance Certificate

Energy Performance Certificate

Most homes needs a valid energy performance certificate and we make sure your paperwork is in place so that your accommodation can be filled fast.

Gas Safety Certificate

Gas Safety Certificate

Most gas safety certificates need updating every 12 months and we can make sure it is renewed on schedule without any hassle.

Photographs and Floorplans

Photographs and Floorplans

Our professional images and accurate floorplans will make the most of your space and present any accommodation in the best possible light.

Website Advertising

Website Advertising

More and more people are using online facilities as their first port of call when looking for a new home and we'll make sure your property is ready and waiting, giving you the best opportunity for speedy letting.

Lead Processing

Lead Processing

Missing that vital call is always a worry for landlords, so let Onlet field all calls and emails and introduce prospective occupants to you, making sure you never miss out.

Tenancy Referencing

Tenancy Referencing

Credit checks, employer's reference and anti-fraud checks are all included within the service, giving you the confidence to know who exactly it is you are doing business with.

Tenancy Agreement

Tenancy Agreement

Be confident that all legal matters are in place by using our highly skilled team of experts to draw up your tenancy agreement.

First Months Rent and Deposit

First Month's Rent and Deposit

A great way to keep a professional distance between tenant and landlord, whilst still ensuring all payments are made on time and in full.

Deposit Registration

Deposit Registration

We can take away all the confusion surrounding Deposit Registration and give you clear advice on a scheme that is fair, safe and easy to use.

Standing Order

Standing Order

Letting Onlet set up a standing order with your tenant makes rent collection a breeze and ensures financial obligations are met on time and without any hassle.

Monthly Rental Payment

Monthly Rental Payment

Once we have been paid, you will be paid. As soon as we have the rent, we will pass it on to you, ensuring you see the best return on your investment.

Rental Guarantee

Rental Guarantee

We are so confident that we can find you honest and reliable tenants who will pay their rent, that if they don't pay, we will*.

Legal Assistance

Legal Assistance

Whatever kind of issue arises, our expert legal team can be on hand to support you, taking the pressure out of negotiations and ironing out disputes on your behalf.



We will provide a fair and honest account of the state of the property providing peace of mind to both the tenant and the landlord.

Portfolio Paperwork

Portfolio Paperwork

Create the documents you need, when you need them and then store them all in one easy to use system. It's like having your own admin department whenever you need it.

Portfolio Assistance

Portfolio Assistance

It's like having your very own PA. Everything from arranging appointments, liaising with the tenant and generally being the middle man on all tenancy matters.



The Onlet team are always on hand to help. No matter which type of service you require, our helpline is free to use and always on hand to support you. Alternatively, contact us today and we will manage the entire selection process for you.

Onlet are ready and waiting to hear from you and show you how a top quality lettings service can
make all the different to your rental success.

Our Commitment to Tenants

The Onlet name is synonymous with high level of customer service not only for landlords but for tenants too.

Our level of support for tenants is unparalleled in the property letting business which is why, when you become an Onlet tenant, you're unlikely to ever want to go anywhere else again.

We understand that finding the right property can often be time consuming and incredibly challenging. And, with today's busy lifestyle who ever really has the time to find that perfect home? Well, we will tell you who, Onlet does! And we are ready to help you.

Our expert team understand that you don't want to be bothered wading through a list of properties that are not even close to what you are looking for. Which is why we offer a more refined, smarter property search facility that enables you to enter the criteria you are looking for and get the results you need.

When you find the property that suits you we will put you in touch with reliable and trustworthy owners that will give you the confidence to know you have made the right decision.

Use Onlet Tenancy Services today and you could be moving into your new home before you know it.

When you come to Onlet, you become one of the team, receiving the same level of service and support that all of our landlords enjoy.

Online letting is a two way street and we are
here to make sure the path is clear for all.

Online Letting Agents for DSS Tenants

For tenants who wish to rent property via the DSS, Onlet are here to help. We have years of experience in working with the numerous UK benefits systems to ensure a smooth and effective process for all. Our in-depth knowledge of how the benefits system works ensures we can support tenants who are looking for suitable accommodation and make sure landlords are getting the return they deserve.

Even if you have never considered using online letting agents for DSS tenants, we can take you through the entire process, so that you can understand the opportunities such a market can open up to you.

Conversely, if you are looking for a new tenancy supported by DSS payments, your first stop should always be Onlet, we have the know-how to get you settled into your new home before you know it.

And once you decide to work with Onlet, no matter where your rent is coming from, you will get the same high level of quality service.

Contact Us Today

Our over-riding objective here at Onlet is to ensure consistent customer satisfaction from a team of fantastic staff who provide a fantastic experience for all. Which is why, when you are looking for an outstanding online lettings agent, you should be talking to Onlet.

Call, email, text or message us today, and let us show you why Onlet will always be your best option.

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